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    Over the years, Exide has grown through a continuous and consistent focus and evolved as a brand with contemporary values. Exide's brand character is almost live and embodies values of dependability and trust. These values have been held very sacred by the Company in every aspect of its operation and are reiterated in its commitment to all stakeholders, customers, shareholders, employees and society.

    Exide boasts of a distribution network and service, which is continuously monitored and kept contemporary through evolving life cycles, and is always ahead of competition. The brand has earned for itself a unique status by becoming generic to the category. Studies have shown that brand Exide's unaided recall with the target audience is more than 90%. Did you know?

    Exide is the only brand that offers a battery for every type of vehicle on Indian roads. Exide is the chosen battery for all international automobile companies in India. In several African Countries all batteries, irrespective of brand are known as 'Exide'! In 1913, the Holland I submarine fitted with Chloride battery sank in the sea. Salvaged after 69 years, the battery was recharged which promptly started working again!

Key Features

  • Computerised Billing
  • Electronic Weighing
  • On-door Delivery
  • Telephonic order
  • Range Of Building Materials
  • ATM Card Payment Facility

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